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Welcome to Panopticon Group

Panopticon provides a variety of tools and services to educate and support organization and individuals seeking to leverage the power of the internet for intelligence collection and analysis. With online learning programs, training and seminar presentations, custom resources and more – Panopticon is your all-in-one solution provider.

Online, there is infinite information at your fingertips – Panopticon can teach you how to turn that information into intelligence.

In 2014, there were over 3 billion registered internet users worldwide. Every 60 seconds, 600,000 people log-in to their Facebook account, 433,000 tweets are sent, 67,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram and over 306 hours of unique YouTube content is added. As with the origins of our namesake, a single, well-trained and well-equipped individual can access, collect, analyze and disseminate an endless volume of valuable information to suit a wide variety of needs – from investigations, to competitive research. To be clear, Panopticon Group is not private investigators nor do we provide investigative services. What we do provide is training, guidance and resources for intelligence and information collection from online and public sources – how you use these skills is up to you.